A-Play by Nain, this is our new Hearables that have Voice UI and Hi-Fi Sound for iPhone / Android users. It allows you to check message notifications received on smartphones by voice while enjoying music. The Voice Assistant features make your life more productive. More human oriented, more liberated lifestyle, not tied to a screen, these lifestyle are made with A-Play by Nain.


Nain A-Play is designed for daily-use. It has Bluetooth wireless feature. You can get a life without troubling with tangled cables. Also, iOS / Android App makes you easy to complete pairing process. We listen to music, we call, we talk, we run with earphones. Considering the comfort in various scenes, we dare to develop a neckband type rather than a true wireless because it blocks our hands very often.

Hearalbes with various advanced features. You can activate various audio assistants by button operations. Various voice operations can be executed, such as weather, timer, or other skills.

You can listen notifications by voice. It’s designed to notify important messages directly into our ears. The user interface totally changes our time flow. With installing A-Play App, Nain A-Play reads text notifications on your iOS/Android devices. You don’t have to pick up your Smartphone every time to check each notification.


The sound is totally great. You can enjoy music with dynamic bass sound and wide range treble without losing the powerful sound of internal speakers.

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